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How to Transfer Employees from one Schedule/Shift to another: Employee Transfer?

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Timekeeper >> Scheduling >> Employee Transfer

Employee Transfer

The Employee Transfer option is used for the following:

  1. To transfer an employee from one shift and schedule to another, whether for an extended or specific period. This is especially used for department transfers when using the Schedule Selected Employees or Schedule Individual Employees options are not feasible as they only allow a shift change and not the combination of both a shift and schedule change.
  2. An alternative to place an employee on a Second Shift.
  3. To schedule temporary employees for a specific time period.


To be able to use this feature, the Core user or Timekeeper who uses this Employee Transfer option must have permission or access to the relevant Schedule(s) that the employee is being transferred from/to.

If the user does not have permission, then this must be granted by either the system administrator or Core Time and Attendance user. Alternatively, the Core T&A User who may have permission to all the schedules, can have the responsibility of performing any employee transfers.

Step 1: Select the Employee to be Transferred

Step 2: Select the Date, Schedule and Shift for the Transfer

Second Shift: If the employee is being placed on a second shift, then select YES. Otherwise if this screen is being used for a shift transfer for the employee's normal shift, then select NO.

Schedule: Select the Schedule that the employee is being transferred to. If only a split/second shift is being added and a schedule change is not required, then select the normal schedule that the employee currently belongs to.

Shift: Select the shift that the employee is being transferred to for the time period selected.

Date From and Date To: Select the dates for which the schedule and/or shift change will apply.

Float Employee: If the employee is floating select YES, otherwise select NO if the employee is being assigned a specific shift.

Omit Holidays: Select YES if the employee is being schedule to work this shift on holidays. Otherwise select NO if the employee does not work on holidays.

Type of Scheduling: Select one of the available options as listed below:

  • Every Day in the Time Period.
  • Mon- Fri only
  • Certain Days of the Week
  • A certain number of days off and days on.

Costing: If the cost center to which the employee belongs changes based on where they work, then select/change the relevant Division/Department/Section/Location/Project/Phase/Job that the costing is to be applied, for work on the days selected for the transfer. Note that this change will be reflected in the General Ledger (GL), if the employee timesheets are being paid from the Time and Attendance module.

If the cost center is not being used or does not change, then do not change the default options based on the entities of the employee's substantive position.

Click Submit to save the record.

View that the Employee has been Successfully Transferred

The changes made to to the employee's schedule can be viewed in the Normal Shift View or Second/Split Shift View accordingly.


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