How to View or Change an Employee Shift: By Hours?

HRplus Time/ Timekeeper >> Schedules >> Scheduling >> Employee Shift Views >> Employee Hours

Employee Hours

View employee shift schedules in a two week view which for the month for both their normal/first shift and the second/split shift.

Total Payment of hours is also visible on this screen if the user has permission to the relevant Pay Groups.

View Employee Schedule in Hours

If employee scheduling is based on a number of hours which must be met for the week, the shifts can be changed when using another view of this screen.

Change Employee Shifts by Hours

View Employee Schedule in Hours

View the employee Total Hours scheduled for the week and for every two weeks. This can be viewed for both the Normal Shift Type (N) and Second Shift (S).

HRplus Time >> Schedules >> Shifts>> General Shift Setup >> Schedule by Hours

Change Employee Shifts by Hours

  • To change the shift, select the drop down arrow and choose one from the options available.
  • The employee hours for the week will be updated accordingly when the record is saved.
  • Save the record.


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