How do I Generate/Enter a Shift Allowance for an Employee on the Timesheet?

User Self Service >>Timekeeper >>Shift Parameters >>Shifts Allowance Link

Shift Allowances

Shift allowances allow you to process allowances for employees against their timesheets. All allowances can be processed (Call-Out, On-Call, Shift Premiums, Meal, Travelling etc.)

How it works:

  1. Set up allowances as you normally would via Payroll>>Maintenance>>Payroll Setup.
    1. How Do I Create a New Allowance?
    2. Link the Allowance to a Company.
  2. Define parameters for allowances. via HRplus Time>>Schedules>>Shift Allowances.
  3. Link allowances to shifts via HRplus Time>> Shift Parameters>>Shifts Allowance Link. You can link any allowance to any shift.
  4. Timekeeper Process
    1. Generate/Manually enter allowances for employees via Timekeeper>>Timesheets >> Timesheets >> Current.
    2. View/edit/delete/process allowances for employees via Timekeeper>>Timekeeper Timesheets>>Current.

The system verifies both the Allowance parameters and the employee’s Timesheet entries before generating the allowances.

Payroll Process for Allowances

When the Timesheets are Posted to the Cycle Changes, the allowances listed on the timesheet (as well as those enabled by business rules but which do not appear on the timesheet) are generated in the Cycle Changes, in the relevant Pay Cycle for normal payroll processing.

Step 1. Generate the Timesheet Allowance


  • ONLY Allowances that have been configured and linked to the respective shifts will be generated when the Generate Allowance button is selected.
  • Employee timesheets must adhere to the rules configured for the allowance to appear on the timesheet.

Step 2. Confirm Request to Generate Allowance

Step 3. View Confirmation of Successful Generation of Allowance

Step 4. Expand Employee record to View Generation of Allowances

Step 5. Manually Add Another Allowance (Optional)

Allowance: Click on the drop-down to select the respective allowance to be entered for the employee.

Amount: Enter the value of the allowance here.

  • If the dollar amount of the allowance was entered at the payroll or hrplus Time level, then enter 1 here.
  • If the value is variable by employee, then enter the variable amount here.
  • Note: The value to be entered here should be communicated clearly to the respective Timekeepers either by your HRplus Implementation Specialist or your Internal Trainer.

Pay Regardless: Select Yes or No.  This field refers to cases in which:

  • The timesheets may not yet be approved but allowances still need to be paid.  In such an instance, select Yes (i.e. to pay the allowance regardless of the timesheet being paid) else select No.

Comments: If the allowance is based on variable factors, enter a comment which may explain why the allowance was given to the employee.

Click on the diskette to Save the Record.

Step 6. View ALL Allowances Added to Employee Timesheet


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