Step 4: How to Post Omitted Attendance Logs to Timesheets? (Optional)

User Self Service >> Timekeeper >> Attendance Logs >> Post Omitted Attendance Logs to Timesheets

Post Omitted Attendance Logs To Timesheets

This is an exception tool to enable the Timekeeper to resolve employee punch records which were missed or omitted from the initial posting of attendance records to timesheets for a certain day.

If there are still unprocessed punches for a certain date after the attendance logs have been posted to timesheets, these need to be processed. Once the unprocessed punches has been cleared, select Post Omitted Attendance Logs to Timesheets. When timesheets have been posted, a message will appear to indicate that this process has been completed.

These timesheets can now be found in the Unapproved After Post tab.

Post Omitted Attendance Logs to Timesheets

Company: Select the company.

Schedule: Select the Schedule to be posted to the timesheets.

Period From: This field is blank to allow you to select and include all the dates from which the omitted records existed in the unprocessed punches, which must be posted to the timesheets.

Period To: The date that automatically appears in this field, is the last date that the attendance logs were posted until using the "Post to Timesheets"screen. This restricts the user from posting records to the timesheets which were not omitted, but have not yet been posted using the normal method in Post to Timesheets. The date can be changed to any which is before the automatic date, and should ideally reflect the last day for which unprocessed punch records exist.

Select the Post button to post the attendance logs to the Timesheets.

View Omitted records in Unapproved After Post


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