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What are the Best Practices in the Daily and Weekly Timekeeping Process?

The following steps are a Guide for Timekeepers as to their timekeeping Tasks:

  1. Map Employees to their clock ID (One time task per employee).
  2. Add Employees to their Schedule for a time period ( This can be done once per year as required).
  3. Add Employees to their shift for a time period. There are several ways that this can be done. Ideally this should be done in advance of an employee punching in for the day.


  1. Review and Clear the Unprocessed Punches.
  2. Review the Current Attendance Logs and edit if necessary.
  3. Post Attendance Logs from previous day to Timesheet.
  4. Review and Edit Timesheets if necessary:
    1. Checking Timesheets
    2. Adjusting Time
    3. Treating with Absences
    4. Leave Balances
    5. Missing Punch
    6. Timesheet Hours
    8. Allowances
    9. Shift
    10. Approving Timesheets
  5. Review and Edit Early Departure Records as required.
  6. Review and Edit Late Coming Records as required.
  7. Inform Employee of any change to Shift and Schedule and update shift schedule on Timekeeper Portal.

Optional Tasks if step one(1) above was skipped and employee punches from prior days ( not the day before) are in the Unprocessed Punches and NOT on the Timesheets.

  1. Post Omitted Attendance Logs to Timesheets (Optional)
  2. Review Unapproved After Post Timesheets ( If posted from omitted attendance logs.)



  1.  Gather exception logs and make any changes in HRplus Time.  
  2. Review week’s time for all employees.  Make any final adjustments as necessary.
  3. Review total HRplus time for the week  Check against 40-hour work week or other hour parameters.
  4. Approve timecards.
  5. Ensure all employees are scheduled on their respective shifts for the coming week.


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