How to Review Employee Timesheets? (Overview)

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Timesheet Review

There are Best Practices recommended for the review of timesheets and this should be done in combination with the Guide for Timekeeper Daily Processes.

Best Practices include:

  1. Review and Approve timecards for the previous work day by one hour into your shift.
  2. Review total HRplus time to ensure the following:
    • Total productive time + Total Leave Time = Scheduled Total time.
  3. Review and Adjust Timesheets including the following activities:
    • Adjusting Time
    • Review of assigned Shift
    • Treating with Missing Punches
    • Timesheet Hours
    • Reviewing Leave Balances and treating with Absences
    • Allowances
    • Comments
    • Approving Timesheets
  4. If records were posted from Omitted Attendance Logs, then review Unapproved After Post Timesheets.
  5. If necessary, give employees their timecards for signing-off - if a Manager makes changes to an employee’s HRplus timecard without the employee’s knowledge, the employee must acknowledge the changes by signing a paper-copy of his/her timecard for that pay period. To make a copy of an employee’s timecard, this can be emailed or printed from the available Timekeeper reports. If there are no changes to an employee’s time in any pay period, no manual signature is required by the employee because the times being used are his punched-in times adjusted for compliance with the T&A rules which were setup.
  6. Workflow Process (Optional) - If a workflow is being used in the Timekeeping Process, all the steps above must be completed in the review of the timesheets but the approval process is slightly different. For more information on this see the article on Workflow Approvals.
  7. Review Late Coming and Early Departure records.


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