How does the Archived Timesheet screen work?

User Self Service>>Timekeeper>>Timesheets>>Archived

Archived Timesheets

If the Payroll module is being used together with the Time and Attendance module, this is when the Archived timesheet screen is utilized. Otherwise no records will be visible here.

Prior to a pay cycle being archived, timesheets are visible either in the Current or Unapproved After Post timesheet screens. Whenever a Pay Cycle is archived in the Payroll module, the timesheets with dates that match the respective cycle will no longer be available in the aforementioned screens but ONLY in the Archived Timesheets screen (in the Time and Attendance Module).

Similarly, if a Pay Cycle is unarchived in the Payroll module, then the timesheets will no longer be visible in the Archived Timesheet screen but ONLY in the Current Timesheet screen.

Archived Timesheet View


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