Step 6: How to Schedule by Pattern?

User Self Service>>Timekeeper>>Scheduling>>Shift>>Schedule Group Shift Setup>>

Shift Patterns>>Schedule by Pattern 

Schedule By Pattern

This final step is where employees can be scheduled by Shift Pattern. How it works is:

  1. The Company and Schedule Group is selected.
  2. The shift pattern rotation applicable to the Schedule Group is selected.
  3. The sequence number of the pattern that the employees start on for a specific date is selected. Note that this day MUST be a Monday.
  4. Since the patterns are mapped based on a 7 day work week, each pattern is applied for 7 days.
  5. The pattern can be applied until a date selected and this day MUST be a Sunday. This means that the pattern can be applied for the entire year. Any shift changes to individual days can be easily facilitated by using the Schedule Individual Employee option.

Step 1. Schedule Employees by Pattern

Step 2. Select the relevant options to schedule the employees by pattern

Schedule from Company: Select the Company that the Schedule Group belongs to.

Schedule Group: Select the Schedule Group to be placed on their shifts.

Using Shift Pattern Rotation: Select the Shift Pattern Rotation that employees in the Schedule Group are to be placed on.

Starting with Shift Pattern Sequence: For the Schedule Group selected, select the sequence number of the pattern that they are starting on, based on the date selected in the next field. This determines which shift pattern they are placed on for that week and ultimately for the rest of the rotation. E.g. Schedule Group A may start the rotation with sequence 1 on Monday 6th Feb. 2023 while Schedule Group B may start the same rotation with sequence 2 on the same date. This ensures there is coverage for all shifts on a given day.

On (Date) : For the Schedule Group selected, select the date from which the employees will start their shift pattern rotation.

N.B. This day MUST be a Monday as this is the day the pattern starts.

Applying each Pattern for______days: Enter the number 7 in this field as each pattern is mapped out based on a 7 day work week from Monday to Sunday.

Until (Date): For the Schedule Group selected, select the date until which the employees will end their shift pattern rotation. Any date int he future can be selected and it is recommended that the schedule be rolled out for a minimum of 6 months to one year, so this becomes an annual or bi-annual task.

N.B. This day MUST be a Sunday as this is the day the pattern ends.

Float Employee:

  • Select YES if employees are "floating" and are automatically given a shift based on the time they clock in for work.
  • Select NO if employees are not floating, and are assigned a specific shift for each work day.

Omit Holidays:

  • If the employees in the schedule group are to be scheduled for work on holidays, then select NO.
  • If they are NOT to be scheduled for work on a holiday, then select YES.


Click on the Save Schedule by Pattern button. 

NB. This step must be completed for each Schedule Group within the Rotation.

Step 3. View the Successfully Saved Shift Pattern

Step 4. View the Employees after being Scheduled Using Shift Patterns

Example of Employees who are not Scheduled on Shifts


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