How to check Leave Balances and manage Employee Absences on the Timesheet?

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Absences and Leave Balances

An employee is flagged as absent on HRplus if there are no punches recorded for that employee for timesheet generated for a scheduled day of work. Where employees have been flagged as â€˜Absent’, the timesheet record will be highlighted in red.

When the attendance logs are posted, No Punches will appear on the timesheet in the following scenarios:

  1. The employee did not punch in at all for that scheduled day of work and was in fact absent.
  2. The employee may have punched in for work but their punches are in the unprocessed punches table and were not "fixed" by the timekeeper prior to the attendance logs being posted to the timesheets. As a result the employee is recorded as absent.

Assuming Scenario 1 ( i.e. The employee was actually absent from their shift) , the absent condition/ leave type that the employee was on must then be selected by the timekeeper if it has not been already updated from an entry in the Leave module.

N.B. The Absent Conditions works in conjunction with the leave records being entered by HR. This means that if the employee had applied for leave on or before the day of absence, and this was entered by HR and approved on HRplus BEFORE the attendance logs were posted to the timesheet screen, then the Absent Condition will automatically show the leave type that the employee is on for that day.

How to treat with an Absent Timesheet?

  1. Expand the Employee Timesheet
  2. Select the Absent Condition
  3. Review the employee Leave Entitlement Balance.
  4. Select Workflow Option to Progress Timesheet/ Approve/ Do Not Approve Timesheet

Step 1: Expand the Employee's Timesheet

Step 2. Select the Absent Condition

The "Absent Conditions" which appear for selection on the timesheet are the leave types which have been mapped to the payment types via the leave-earn mapping table. If a leave type does not appear here, it means that it has not been mapped.

Save the record by clicking on the submit button. 

N.B. Other Timesheet Conditions such as Missing Punch, etc. can be user defined and added via the Timesheet Condition setup screen.

The Absent Record is No Longer Red

When the Absent Condition has been selected and saved, then the timesheet is no longer red as shown above.

Step 3. Review Leave Balance to determine if to Approve the Timesheet

Leave Balances

The Leave Balance data shown can be used to determine if the employee has any vacation (cumulative leave) or non-cumulative leave such as sick, casual, etc. available. If the employee has no more available leave days, then select the respective Leave Type which is to be applied to that day OR the absent reason for the relevant Absent Condition/Leave Type according to your company's rules, e.g. No Pay Leave and DO NOT DO NOT APPROVE the timesheet for payment.

N.B. If the timesheet record is approved, note that the employee will be paid for the absent day taken.

Step 4. If the Workflow is Enabled: Select One of the Options to Approve/Progress the Timesheet

Workflow Enabled

If the workflow has been enabled for the respective Schedule, then the Progress options will be visible for the timekeeper to select.

If the timesheet is to be approved, then the following criteria must be applied:

  • If the Timekeeper is the Primary Approver, then they must select Move Forward and enter a relevant comment in the pop up dialogue box.
  • If the Timekeeper is the Secondary Approver and there are no discrepancies with the timesheet, then they must select Move Forward if it goes to another level for approval and enter a relevant comment in the pop up dialogue box.
  • If the Timekeeper is the Secondary Approver AND is the final approver and there are no discrepancies with the timesheet, then they must select Post Record for the timesheet to be paid.
  • If the Timekeeper is the Secondary and there are discrepancies with the timesheet at the Secondary Approver level, then they can select Move Backward and enter a relevant comment in the pop up dialogue box. The timesheet will then go to the previous level for adjustment by that timekeeper. Alternatively, the higher level Timekeeper can adjust the timesheet themselves and make the relevant comment.
  • If the timesheet is NOT to be approved, do not select any progress options.


No Workflow Exists

If the Workflow is NOT enabled, simply approve the timesheet and save the record. If the timesheet is not to be paid, then do NOT approve.


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