Step 3: How to Create Shift Patterns?

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Shift Patterns

Shift Patterns comprise a specific combination of shifts and off days which make up an employee's schedule for the work week ( Monday to Sunday). For example, there may be four weekly patterns that the employee works on which follow a sequence and these combine to form ONE rotation, where the employee starts over with the first pattern when the last of the four(4) week pattern is completed.

Various patterns combine to ensure that there are enough employees working at any given time.

Prior to setting up Shift Patterns, please ensure that with the assistance of an Implementation Specialist:

  1. A mapping of the Schedules, Schedule Groups and Shift Pattern Rotations needs to be completed on a template.
  2. On another template, the Shift Patterns must be defined for each team. Note that this is the general pattern on which they work and NOT how they are supposed to work for a specific date. This may be a one, two or four week pattern upon which the employee rotates.


N.B. These shift patterns are normally setup as a one-time task as part of the configuration of the Time and Attendance module. However, should there be a change to the rotation, then this is where the pattern can be changed and saved.

Example of Schedule Group/Shift Pattern Rotation Mapping on a Template

Example of Shift Pattern Mapping on a Template

Create Shift Patterns

Company: Select the company for which you are setting up the shift.

Shift Pattern Code: Enter the shift pattern code which is a five(5) character acronym of the description.

Shift Pattern Description: Enter the name or description of the Shift Pattern. This is normally named after the Schedule Group or Team that works on that pattern.

Monday - Sunday: Select from the drop down list, the shift that applies to the day of the week. Shifts are visible here based on those linked to the company selected. If the employee is Off, then do not select any shift for that day and leave the field blank.


Save the record and repeat to setup additional patterns.


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