Step 1: How to Create Schedule Groups?

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Schedule Group

A Schedule Group ( this may be referred to as a Team or section within an organisation) is created to group those employees who have the same shift and off day pattern for their work rotation. This is a one-time setup when persons are added to the relevant Schedule Group.

How it works is that persons are first added to their Schedule and next the Schedule Group, which is usually based on groupings of persons belonging to that particular schedule. As a result, the group names should reflect the schedule to which the group belong.

E.g. If the Schedule Name is Warehouse, then the Schedule Groups can be named:

  1. Warehouse Group A
  2. Warehouse Group B

Create a New Schedule Group

Company: Select the company to which the Schedule Group Belongs

Schedule Group Code: Enter the schedule group code, an acronym of the description.

Schedule Group Description: Enter the description or name of the schedule group.


Save the record and repeat to enter additional Schedule Groups.


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