How does the Timekeeping Process work?

How it works

  1. Employees punch in via time and attendance data capture device.
  2. Clocks are automatically polled at set intervals by HRplus Time.
  3. Punches are sent to the attendance log.  During this process the system attempts to work out the validity of the punches and to pair the punches:  In and Out and Out to lunch, In from lunch.
  4. Log is reviewed for irregularities .i.e. missing punches, extra punches, etc. Done by Timekeeper.
  5. Attendance Log is posted (once review is completed) to employee timesheet by previous day range (it is recommended that this be done on a daily basis).  Done by Timekeeper.
  6. Review, adjust if necessary (missing punches in particular) and approve employee timesheets.  Done by Timekeeper
  7. Post to cycle changes when ready to process the period.  Done by Payroll Staff
  8. Unpost the cycle changes if necessary (in the event that there are errors).  Done by Payroll Staff.


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