How to create a new schedule? (Optional for Timekeepers)

Navigation: HRplus Time>>Schedules>>Scheduling>>Schedule>>Schedules

Schedules are user defined and consists of a set of shifts which the employees who belong to that schedule work upon. Each shift must be linked to a schedule and an unlimited number of shifts can be linked to any schedule, with the same shift being linked to more than one schedule. The shifts should be in sequence as it related to the time of day.

Schedules represent a means of categorizing employees with common shifts. Schedules can be created/named based on:

  1. Physical location:  for example: Head Office vs St. James Branch
  2. Department: Sales Department, Warehouse Department, etc.
  3. Common shifts: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm shift can be applied to admin staff which can include but is not limited to Purchasing, Training, Accounts.

Create a New Schedule

Schedule Code: Enter an acronym for the schedule description.

Schedule Description: Enter the Schedule Name here.

Save the record and repeat to add more schedules.


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