How to Grant Pay Group Access

Security>>User Administration (Expand User record by clicking on the + sign)

Pay Group Access

Pay Groups, in HRplus, are linked to Positions and employees are, in turn, hired into these positions.Pay Group Access is required for those users who need to insert/edit/delete/view records or information related to the employee's linked to the pay groups. This includes but is not limited to entering employee salaries, creating pay cycles and new pay groups, viewing employees pay profiles, viewing payroll related timesheet information, etc. Payroll, HR and HRplus Time Users will need access to Pay Groups.

Grant Pay Group Access

To give a User access to all Pay Groups, click on the Grant Access To All  Pay Groups  button. 

Alternatively, if the user is to have access to only certain Pay Groups, click on the drop box to manually select each pay group individually. 

Click on the Submit button to Save.

If a user is not given Pay Group Access, s/he will not be able to see information pertaining to the Pay Groups within the various modules. 

Note that in the event that there is a restructuring exercise taking place within the company and a new Pay Group is created, existing and new payroll users will have to be given permission to new paygroup in order to be able to view it.


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