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Glossary of Terms found in the 360 Multi-Rater Module

360 Multi-Rater: A performance evaluation process in which feedback is collected from multiple sources who have different relationships with the individual being evaluated. This can include peers, supervisors, subordinates, and sometimes even external parties like customers or clients.

Appraisee: The individual whose performance is being evaluated or appraised in a performance management process. This could refer to an employee, team member, or anyone whose performance is under review.

Competency Keyword: A specific term or phrase that is used for the application to know which competency to display for each member group. It is essentially a tag used to flag competencies and there are six(6) defaulted which are Customer, Direct Report, Peer, Self, Project Team, and Manager. These keywords help identify and categorize specific competencies or qualities that are linked to the 360 Multi-Rater module.

Cross-Functional Teams: Teams that consist of members from different departments or functional areas within an organization. These teams are formed to collaborate on projects or tasks that require diverse expertise and perspectives.

Customers Rate Employee: A feedback process where customers or clients of a business provide input on the performance of an employee who serves them directly. This feedback can be valuable in assessing customer service skills and job performance.

Direct Reports Rate Manager: A feedback process in which employees who report directly to a manager provide feedback on the manager's performance, leadership skills, and management style.

Manager Rates Direct Reports: A feedback process where a manager provides an evaluation of the performance, contributions, and behavior of their direct reports or team members.

Member Group: A group of individuals who share a common affiliation or association within an organization. This could refer to a team, department, or any defined group of employees.

Non-Cross Functional Teams: Teams composed of members from the same department or functional area within an organization. These teams focus on tasks and projects specific to their area of expertise.

Peers Rate Each Other: A feedback process where colleagues at the same hierarchical level provide evaluations and feedback on each other's performance, behavior, and contributions.

Project Team Rates Each Other: A feedback process in project-based settings where team members working together on a specific project provide evaluations and feedback on each other's contributions to the project's success.

Reviewer: An individual who participates in the performance evaluation process by providing feedback, assessments, and ratings about the performance of others.

Self-Rating: A component of the performance evaluation process where the individual being evaluated assesses their own performance, skills, strengths, weaknesses, and contributions.


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